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Baby Box Project

A huge number of KELA boxes are thrown away by families every time and we see a need for these boxes to be useful for the less privileged in some other countries, we have decided to focus our campaign on the rural areas in Nigeria. We have planned to help the new mothers in rural areas by getting them this used KELA boxes. We will make these boxes useful by distributing them to poor people so that they can get help through it. We will save these boxes from being wasted and will make them useful.

The box consist of different items for babies use and those are:

             1 : Sleeping bag
             2 : Insulated booties and mittens
             3 : Two baby overall
             4 : Different types of body suits
             5 : Trousers and leggings
             6 : Socks
             7 : Blanket, towel and scarf
             8 : First book and cuddly toy

We have started collecting used KELA boxes from various people in Finland. Our team is working on this project very seriously because it is our opinion that rather than wasting anything, we can help needy. We have targeted less privileged area in some rural areas in Nigeria because there are many needy people for which it is not easy to plan a baby just because of their financial situation. Our plan will help out those people who have new born babies and will make them comfortable regarding beginning expenses of their child. As there are most things available in the box for the new born baby so it will help them greatly. It is against the humanity to watch the needy people and not to help them. As this box is a sign of society that cares for their members, so we have decided to help people in Nigeria, even though they are not from our country, they are also human and being a human it is our duty to help them. We will not let these boxes get wasted and will help out as many people we can.